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Online-Bizz is continuously working to provide all existing online and marketing technologies to all businesses and professionals, looking forward to contribute to their success in every market they share. We do this by offering fair prices and rates, help and support at all times and pursuing long term business relations with our clients, suppliers, partners and associates.

Our company understands technology is a fast changing service that requires constant updates and upgrades. Therefore, a universe of freelancers, sub-contractors and partners work along with our projects to provide best solutions as required.

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106-168 Queen Street South, Streetsville, ON L5M 1K8 Canada.

Mobile: 1-647-855-71855

Email: info@online-bizz.com

About Us

Who We Are • Where We're Going


We are a One Stop Source for your website design and development, marketing tools and success on your digital business side.

Our endless possibilities include; creating new websites, updating / upgrading your existing one and spicing it up with the most modern technologies to attract visitors, increase traffic and as a result maximize your business results.

Online Bizz works along with fast changing technology to offers best available solutions for businesses who require to improve marketing & sales tools to grow, consolidate and solidify their presence in proper market nitches.


Our company started operations in 2004 as Profit International, a web design and development company focused on small businesses in Toronto GTA. Growth and success added medium and large businesses to our customer base, therefore a new strategy was developed in order to face those new challenges. Thus, in 2014 we switched into Online Bizz Inc.

Now servicing customers in Canada, USA and Mexico, we continue growing in our portfolio of services and areas of operation with several alliances and partnerships with strategic companies, freelances and global service contractors to enhance our service deliveries and quality.


To provide high quality online resources to small, medium and large businesses with latest available technology and all skills required to offer substantial, affordable and competitive products and services. Our customers will rate our company as the most reliable, supportive and trustful.

While Online Bizz is based in Toronto GTA, our marketplace will reach far beyond where our online presence can be globally reached. In order to accomplish this goal, Online Bizz will team with other partners, contractors and freelancers to ensure quality in our deliveries.



We will constantly pursue to acquire latest technologies, knowledge and skills to be able to offer the best solutions for our customer’s projects. We will constantly train our team and establish partnerships with external companies, professionals and freelances, ensuring our deliveries.

Trust, Fairness, Reliability , Respect and Competitiveness are our biggest values. Therefore, our services and offer will represent the best solution for our customers, the most convenient cost-benefit ratio in our market places and a total warranty of our deliveries and support.


  • Respect: We respect our customers, suppliers, partners, competitors and co-workers.
  • Deliveries: We ensure our deliveries as initially quoted.
  • Fair Price: Our prices are always fair for both customers and our company.
  • Total Support: Our customers will find total help and support for every product and service provided.
  • Understanding: We will make sure every customer will understand 100% what we are about to be servicing, technical and non-technical concepts.